Control of Food Spoilage and Pathogenic Microorganism(Bon Kimura)

2016 graduate school lecture lesson guidance


The class will start from 14 th(Friday) October at 13:00-14:30 pM in room 43 (lecture building). Please note that lectures and discussions will be conducted in English.

Lecture schedule


Lesson 1   Oct.14

Lesson 2   Oct.21

Lesson 3   Nov.11

Lesson 4   Nov.18

Lesson 5   Nov.25

Lesson 6   Dec. 9

Lesson 7   Dec. 16


Lesson 8    Jan. 6

Lesson 9   Jan. 20

Lesson 10  Jan. 27


  1. Those who wish to attend the class must send e-mail to Professor Kimura by October 7th.
    e-mail:  (Professor Kimura)
  2. Professor Kimura will send the students a password of the website for the students. Each student is required to prepare lessons learning online (video lesson). Also, each student is required to prepare for questions and discussion in the last part of video.
  3. In class, a debate-based lesson in English will be conducted. All the students are requested to explain the content of text and discuss questions and discussion in English.
  4. Assessment will be based on a combination of attendance, presentations, and participation in discussions.

Being busy is a good thing. Too much time on your hands always gets you into trouble. Good luck with your study!